Climate friendly moka pot 🌲

Mission - climate neutral

From the start, Vantava has focused on sustainability. We have set ourselves the goal of producing sustainable and high-quality products that will last a lifetime.

To ensure this, we manufacture our coffee pots and cups from high quality 403 stainless steel. The handle is made from sturdy alder wood in a turnery in Tyrol, Austria. The jug is packed plastic-free in recycled boxes.


Unfortunately - as with any physical product - there are also unavoidable emissions from the coffee pot. These arise primarily in the production of stainless steel. Therefore, the coffee pot should have as long a life cycle as possible. In order to make the coffee pot really climate-neutral, we offset all emissions that occur in the life cycle (manufacturing, transport and disposal). We have teamed up with Climate Partner for this. Climate Partner is certified and tested by TÜV Austria, among others.

We offset our emissions with the support of project Forest protection project in Colombia.

We only had Climate Partner calculate the emitted emissions for the coffee pot, not for our coffee mugs. However, we have carried out a calculation of the emissions from the coffee cups ourselves, doubled it and donated the offset amount to Climate Partner. Here you can find the certified document. All emissions from the espresso pot were calculated and offset by Climate Partner itself.

If you have any questions about the mission - climate neutral, please write to us or drop by Climate Partner. There you can see exactly how we compensate for the emissions from our pot. link